The kick-off post

Well, every blog needs a first post. This is it. Everything that you might want to know right now, should be in the FAQ.

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  1. Henri Sivonen Says:

    You may be interested in:

    A RELAX NG schema for HTML5:

    An RELAX NG-driven XML editing mode for Emacs:

    A dummy elisp datatype library for using the above-mentioned schema with the above-mentioned Emacs mode as well as work in progress to enable support for the non-XML HTML syntax in Emacs:

  2. sm Says:

    Thanks a lot, Henri! I know nXML, but haven’t searched for a RELAX NG schema for HTML5 yet. In my company’s XML business we’re using DTD and XML Schema exclusively. For the design of “my” DTD I will certainly take a look at the RELAX NG schema. Nevertheless, I expect to continue my work on the DTD (and probably XML Schema). As I wrote in the FAQ, I do not aim to design a DTD thats fits HTML5 exactly. I think the HTML5 markup model has some “bugs”. I try to find a simpler model that incorporates the good new features without what I think is a bug. The result is a mixture of “I design it for me” and “public proposal”. BTW I’m not interested in joining the standardization process.

  3. Niall Douglas Says:


    I’ve just finished coding up a DTD which extends XHTML 1.0 Transitional and Strict with HTML 5 microdata so we can go ahead and add markup to our XHTML pages.

    I’m not sure if this will be useful to your HTML5 DTD efforts, but you’re welcome to use any or nothing from my efforts. You can find these DTDs at:

    What we really /ought/ to have is an XSD schema for HTML5. DTDs are so inexpressive … there’s not much you can constrain with them, whereas XSD lets you enforce a lot more restrictions and therefore catch many more errors.

    It would be a lot of work though. Too much without getting paid for it I think.


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